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New! Ky Anderson Makes Some Very Fine Points.

Long time 20x200 super fave Ky Anderson returns, and her newest edition is on point. In fact, it's on Four Points.

Four Points by Ky Anderson
8"x10" ($24) | 11"x14" ($60) | 16"x20" ($240) | 24"x30" ($1200) 

There are so many reasons we love Ky Anderson. Besides being super talented, the Brooklyn-based artist runs DUSK, a small gallery and press that features original series of handmade editions by artists she's handpicked (we can get behind that!) As an avid art collector, Ky has grown an enviable personal collection that includes the work of a few fellow 20x200 artists, and she's a firm believer that art can be for everyone. She also once told us she recovers from creative blocks through a rigorous regimen of "avoidance, annoyance, and frustration, then beer". Soul mates, we tell you.

Of course, her own art is where it's at, and Four Points is a killer example of why we're so enamored with Ky Anderson's work. Her creative process is deeply visceral. She relies on her instinct and impulses, allowing her paintings to inform each other and arrive at completion as organically as possible. Working on multiple paintings at a time, she layers the various elements of her work—sculptural and symbolic, figurative and abstract—sometimes adding to her paintings one stroke at a time. In this way, she allows the process to guide the direction of the painting, forgoing the pursuit of some preconceived idea of what that particular work should "mean". 

Of her path toward an art career, Anderson told us "there was really never a moment when I thought, 'I'm going to be an artist'—I just continued to paint". The resulting body of work could be seen as chapters from the as-yet unfinished narrative she is crafting as an artist, or perhaps an open-ended conversation. It's easy to see where Four Points fits in with our collection of Anderson editions, while working as a variation on a theme. And it's not surprising how well her editions work together—displayed in a cluster, they would make for a seriously stunning salon wall!

There's a tone to Anderson's paintings that we gravitate towards—so much so that her work currently hangs in our office (one of the largest editions on our walls!) Her work integrates and inspires balance. In keeping with the quality of her other editions, Four Points counteracts bright blues and greens with soft, subdued neutrals. Clean slices of black and crisp lines and edges meet her fleshy, free swaths of color. It's a kind of abstract harmony, accented by points of interest and identifiable figures that keep the eye ever engaged. It's the zen of Ky Anderson.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200