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New! Mike + Doug Starn Let It Snow

The weather outside is frightful—or it will be soon. Instead of huddling inside and hiding from the cold, we’re inviting it in with alleverythingthatisyou sno6_005.1, the striking new snowflake edition from Mike + Doug Starn.

alleverythingthatisyou sno6_005.1 by Mike + Doug Starn
8"x8" ($60) | 11"x11" ($120) | 16"x16" ($300) | 24"x24" ($1,200) | 36"x36" ($3,000)

They say every snowflake is unique, but Mike + Doug Starn take it to the next level in their alleverythingthatisyou series. The Starns give permanence to something remarkably transient, capturing these photographs even as their subjects melts away before them. These portraits are a rare, pure moment in time; a moment that allows us to appreciate the crystalline delicacy of each individual flake.

Which is why alleverythingthatisyou sno6_005.1 has us all in a flurry: we’re loving the 2-for-1 flake action. We’ve been affectionately referring to this print as the “mama and baby” snowflake (and by the way, we think it would look great in the nursery of any winter newborn). Despite the chilly nature of the subject, we find the fusion of these two geometric ice crystals heartwarming. We add this edition as part of a long-standing tradition of releasing an alleverythingthatisyou print around the holidays. Collect the previous editions here!

Our long-standing collaboration with Mike + Doug Starn and their studio manager, Gaudéricq Robiliard, is an enormously gratifying one. We’re so thrilled that producing editions with us has helped support these artists as they pursue their amazingly ambitious projects, and it’s just as wonderful that we can get their work into the hands of you, our collectors. Living with art means many different things, but notably: seeing the work of talented artists in your home each day and knowing that you have played an important role in their continued practice and creative pursuits.

We don’t know about you, but giving the gift of art becomes extra special knowing you’ve supported artists as well as shared some visual love with the people you care about! And “weather” you think alleverythingthatisyou sno6_005.1 is a celebration of individuality, or inspiring evidence of an exquisitely fleeting moment, Mike + Doug Starn’s latest edition makes the perfect present for the present.

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200