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A 20x200 First! Jimmy Mezei Wows with His Wall Hangings

No Map There by Jimmy Mezei
This is new territory for team 20x200. We’re all kinds of excited to introduce the very first wall hanging we’ve ever released, available for a super limited-time—No Map There.

Designed by 20x200 artist and all-around awesome human Jimmy Mezei, each No Map There wall hanging is 20”x20”, handmade in Brooklyn of 100% cotton. Mezei based today’s extra-special release on his drawn observation studies, turning simplified or disjointed figure sketches into isolated, abstracted forms. Using these shapes to lay the groundwork for his image, Mezei composed each element to best reveal the power and peculiarities of the form.

As a medium, chain-stitching is perfectly in tune with Mezei’s approach to the initial artwork—the shapes are solid, bold and saturated, while the nature of the technique leaves the piece light and delicate. Because the stitches themselves are shaped by hand, the patterns used to fill the forms will vary slightly from piece to piece—which means each No Map There wall hanging is actually one-of-a-kind.

These custom cross-stitched stunners ship in three weeks, and there are countless ways to display them. Wooden wall hanger? Brilliant. Cool clips? Heck yeah. T-push pins? Perf.

Fiber art has a long (and uber chic) history in the world of personal art collecting, but some collectors have yet to take the first leap. Consider this the perfect way to introduce a wall hanging to your walls.

Here’s the catch: Mezei’s No Map There is only available on 20x200 for 48 hours, which means you’ve got until 11am ET Thursday 6/1/17 to collect our first wall hanging everrrr.

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200