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Women make our (art)world go ‘round.

Ideal Bookshelf 974: Feminists by Jane Mount

This woman-powered company can think of way more groundbreaking, gobsmacking, freakishly impressive and fantastically interesting women’s history than could possibly fit into 31 days (don’t even get us started on the 28 days for Black history), but if we take March as an reminder to appreciate our foremothers, one place to start might be the reading list proffered by Jane Mount’s print above. You could consider the picks on that Ideal Bookshelf required reading material for anyone making the most of Women’s History Month or anticipating the arrival of International Women’s Day tomorrow.

If you caught our Tuesday missive introducing Joan LeMay’s debut edition—a bright homage to birth control—then you know we’re dedicating our March print lineup to work by women artists. Since you’re a subscriber, you also know this won’t be the first time we’ve only released editions by female-identifying artists for a full month (most of our artists are women, in fact). Over the last 11+ years of limited-edition art we’ve cultivated an incredibly rich roster of women artists that we’re actively working to continue to grow and diversify every day. And hot damn we feel grateful for every second we get to share their genius with the world. Like right now! Below, just a handful of artworks by a few of the brilliant women featured in our collection, contemporary artists and pioneering image-makers alike. So much more on the site!

A few awesome woman-powered pieces:

Birth Control Portrait I by Joan LeMay

(re) journal by e bond

nobody's free until everybody's free by rayo & honey

Ceylon by Anna Atkins

Full-time Feminist by Western Editions

Dress Like A Woman by Amber Vittoria

Sweet Indian Doll III by Qiana Mestrich

Ferns by Lisa Congdon

Cabins on US 99 by Dorothea Lange

Ventanas (Desert) by Carolyn Castaño

Woodstock, Vermont by Marion Post Wolcott

The Cathedrals of Art by Florine Stettheimer