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Celebrating self love with Fares Micue 🥰

Feel my heartbeat by Fares Micue
8"x8" ($40) | 11"x11" ($85) | 16"x16" ($275) | 20"x20" ($775) | 30"x30" ($2,650)

Love is in the air, collectors. And we’ve got a brand new edition from bestselling artist Fares Micue to celebrate! Introducing Feel my heartbeat, a toast to self love.

Part of her breathtaking series that includes recent releases Abundance is everywhere and Enduring the cold winterFeel my heartbeat employs Micue’s signature abstract and conceptual self-portrait style, Micue transforms botanicals and bodily forms into bursts of rich color. 

Departing from the compositions in her debut 20x200 editions—Forest lights and The moment is nowMicue’s most recent releases are zoomed in, focused on her body enveloped in vibrant vegetation.  In Feel my heartbeatMicue’s figure is tightly positioned in a self hug, surrounded by florals arranged in a heart shape that is reminiscent of both the symbolic and anatomic form. Vibrant red blooms are accented by blue foliage in an almost diagrammatic illustration of this powerful organ. Feel my heartbeat is a living, breathing personification of self love. 

Micue’s aesthetic is unmistakable. In creating her conceptual photographs, her process is extremely precise, her final images meticulously composed, each element carefully considered. There is so much mood, emotion, and symbolism in these photographs because Micue approaches each image as a self-contained story. She has a penchant for creating different characters, acting out each part. Her face is often obscured, drawing viewers deeper into the work, igniting their imaginations; some might be more inclined to see themselves in her photos or pick up on personal meaning in their metaphors. Take your reality into your own hands, they seem to say. Go inward, connect to emotion, find authenticity, don’t be afraid to dream.

Photography brings Micue joy, but it also offers her a means of sharing her journey—and a way of encouraging others to prioritize their own self-exploration. In exemplifying the exercise, her images urge viewers to take the time to meditate on their experiences, to visualize their dreams, to pay attention to their mental state, be present, and cultivate awareness.

Micue infuses her images with positivity, and it radiates outward. As she writes in her statement, “I want my images to give hope and teach people to appreciate themselves, to love, dream, and believe that everything is possible if we believe it is.”

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