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Full-time Feminist? Western Editions' Letterpress Love Letter to Y-O-U.

Full-time Feminist by Western Editions
14"x11" ($40)

Sick of the patriarchy? Need a little pick-me-up so you don't straight burn it all down? You've come to the right place! Hanging on your wall or perched on a shelf in all its ombre glory, this print is precisely what the doctor ordered.

This colorful limited-edition letterpress is care of Western Editions, the Emeryville, CA printshop run by Erin Fong and Taylor Reid. The Bay-area based dynamic printing duo didn’t just design these editions—they hand-cranked each print through their antique Vandercook press. That rad background gradient is the result of a rainbow roll technique, whereby two colors are loaded onto the press to some excellently spontaneous effects. Feast your eyes on this Full-time Feminist fantasticness.

There’s something about Full-time Feminist’s cursive font and specific color combo that feels cool, feminine and friendly, but also totally put together and purposeful. It’s decidedly fun, but it’s not afraid to lock eyes with you from across the room to confidently declare “of course I’m a feminist” before carrying on with a conversation about the best place in the Bay Area to buy vintage Levi's. It’s our imaginary best friend in letterpress form.

Full-time Feminist by Western Editions

The shades Western Editions chose are vaguely Miami Vice-y, verging on classic cotton candy colors, in a way that feels super current—the perfect counterpoint to a fresh update on a totally timeless message. It’s a message the artists stand behind, one they hope others will feel encouraged to identify with. No more reluctant feminism! Full-time Feminist is all about owning it. 

Western Editions takes destigmatizing feminism to a bright, buoyant level, and reminds us that feminism feels good. Full-time Feminist is a love letter to everyone who’s hard at work for real, lasting equality. So stick to your day job, but embrace your other favorite profession: putting the patriarchy in its place (see: the trash) and lifting up others along the way.

If you ask us, we’d say enacting intersectional feminism everyday is one of the most important occupations out there. Whether you’re a freelance photographer, a stay-at-home dad, the first female CFO at a huge tech company, or a bagger at your local grocery, there’s one thing that always oughta be on your nametag: Full-time Feminist.

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200