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Gifts for Aquarians? Art that Inspires!

It's Aquarius Season!

Once again, it’s the Age of Aquarius! And what better way to honor our joyful water-carrying pals than with some forward-thinking art.  

Aquarians are some of the most innovative people we know. What are our favorite creations of theirs? Thanks for asking. Michael Jordan’s Fadeaway Jumpshot! Jen Aniston’s hairstyles! And didn't Oprah practically invent the giveaway? You get an art and you get an art and YOU get an art!

For Aquarius season, we’ve curated an ode to the most visionary among us. Luckily this was a breeze with all the bold, enterprising artists we’re so fortunate to work with! So pour yourself a glass of water—you can never be too hydrated—and check out all our picks here.

The Spaceship by Sally Deng                                            

abandoned beauty by Tom Kondrat                                              Black Marble (North America) by Space Editions

Trailer Flash by Leah Giberson                                                      Oranges by Jennifer Mason

Join NSA, National Ski Association by Herbert Bayer                                          

Forest lights by Fares Micue                                                           Bird Power by Carrie Marill

Ferry from Ardrossan Harbor by Laura Bell