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Here Comes the Sunwoven: A plush rainbow weaving hand-made just for us.

Gradient Rainbow Weaving by Sunwoven
30"x15" ($295)

Today’s edition comes care of the newest inductee into the 20x200 artist fam: Sunwoven. Handmade by fiber artist and textile designer Erin Barrett in her Charleston, SC studio, this delight-inducing Gradient Rainbow Weaving was love at first sight. Who cares what’s at the end of this rainbow? It’s the rest of it we’ve got our eyes on.

For the last few years, fiber art has been having a moment — though it’d be fair to say it’s more momentous than a moment at this point. Still, it’s a rare piece that gets as much right as this new edition. Sunwoven’s Gradient Rainbow Weaving strikes the perfect balance between handmade idiosyncrasy and exacting artistry, between elegance and eclecticism, between softness and stature. It’s a touchable thing (and we recommend you do so … these wool blend yarns are seriously soft and squishable), but it has weight and stateliness on a wall. The rainbow design is definitely splashy, but by some sort of magic trick it’s got the versatility of a neutral. Perhaps it’s Barrett’s brilliant color choices, tangoing between poppy brights and the special sort of earthy hues you might stumble upon on a spring hike. The faint touch of metallic ribbon is a total tease, too, just enough to make you look twice. This ain’t your average rainbow.

Because these weavings are made by hand (on a handmade loom, no less), each piece has its own subtle idiosyncrasies — they’re actually all one-of-a-kind. That’s something we seriously love about our Artist-Made editions. You get a real sense of the artist’s hands at work. And Barrett’s hands work real well. A self-taught weaver, her practice began as a pastime that sprouted into a small business. Today, Sunwoven is spreading the good word of Barrett’s colorful, captivating textile talents far and wide. When you're done collecting this limited-edition looker, do yourself a favor and follow Sunwoven's uber-enjoyable Insta account. (Heads up: Barrett's super cool South Carolina home makes un-missable guest appearances.)

If there’s such a thing as a perfect size, this piece is it. Hanging approx. 30” long from the dowel to the end of the tassels, and approx. 15” wide, it’s small enough to work into a gallery wall, but sizable and special enough to hang as a statement piece. And once it’s in your hands you won’t need to wait a minute to get it on your wall: the Gradient Rainbow Weaving ships ready to hang with a wooden dowel. Your home (or office, or nursery, or aunt Bev) deserves a little handmade happiness in fiber art form.

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200