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Holiday Print Potluck 2023 🍲

We don’t know about you, but our holidays are powered by F-O-O-D. Office parties, friend hangs, family nights in—you name the event, you'll find us snackin’ up a storm. In celebration of the tastiest season, we’re serving up some scrumptious arty selects paired with a potluck of prints from the whole team. Take a seat at our table and enjoy our favorite holiday recipes with some delicious art to wash them down.

Having just moved back to New York after five years away, I am in love with the city in a whole new way. The shot, taken by Abbott in 1935, is almost Braque-like in its composition—angular, of its time. Seventh Avenue becomes a gleaming river in her eyes—a lightning bolt, a knife. Clearly, I had to pair this with the NY Times's recipe for a Bacon, Egg and Cheese sandwich—although you should actually never make these at home. They should always come from a bodega.

— Joan

Enjoy the vibrance and drama of Oranges by Jennifer Mason with the refreshing, bittersweet bite of a negroni. For a holiday twist, infuse your gin and Campari with cranberry juice.

— Rebecca

No soup is complete without a decadent swirling flourish. The rich splashes and swoops of this recipe’s spicy paprika oil remind me of Alexis Nutini’s dazzling kaleidoscopic Fragments.

— Allie

As a long-time vegetarian, Indian food is my favorite cuisine, but I like to keep the cooking fairly easy with a hard-boiled egg curry. What I like about this is how the gentle marination in the spice mix elevates such an otherwise simple dish.

— Ella

When I see a speckled banana, I instantly imagine my fella whipping up a batch of his delicious whole wheat sourdough banana bread (with walnuts, ofc!) which combines two of the venerable King Arthur Baking Co’s recipes. The whole wheat makes it healthy, see?

— Jen