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ITS Roundup with Women Artists

We can all agree that MTV Cribs was a pop culture staple of the early aughts, which isn't exactly a surprise. Who doesn’t like snooping around someone else’s space? For the art lovers among us, studio tours are similarly addictive, pulling back the curtain on how artists live, work, and stay inspired. We've done dozens of these deep dives for our In the Studio series, and in honor of Women's History Month, we're highlighting the myriad women on our roster who've generously shared their spaces with us over the years. We don’t have Mariah Carey in a bathtub, but we do have Jane Mount’s moveable mini studio in her Maui digs, and Mary Finlayson's bright SF base. Featuring a plethora of studio pics paired with a quirky Q+A, our In the Studio features serve up a seriously fun, informative, and often horizon-expanding divergence from your day-to-day. Check out all of our woman-powered tour selects bellow.