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New! Sketchbook sensation Jennifer Orkin Lewis debuts with a lovable lemur.

Lemur from Madagascar by Jennifer Orkin Lewis
8"x8" ($24) | 11"x11" ($60) | 16"x16" ($240) | 24"x24" ($1200) | 40"x40" ($5000)

If the overcast approach of autumn has put a damper on your summer sunshine high, we’re all the more excited to introduce you to new 20x200 artist Jennifer Orkin Lewis and her debut edition Lemur from Madagascar. Lewis’s arboreal island dweller swung right into our hearts at first sight. It’s patently impossible to forgo this painting’s feel-good energy. The way Lewis painted the lemur’s adorably animated expression, the lush melange of bright buds, leaves and branches, the delightful density of all her detail work—this is the ideal artwork for a pick-me-up, a baby shower present, or an injection of joy in an otherwise reserved art collection.

An artist, illustrator, textile designer, and teacher who lives outside of New York City, Lewis—otherwise known as August Wren—has been painting from an early age. Mostly working in gouache and watercolor, she is particularly adept at creating vibrant, jubilant images with soft, expressive strokes subtly defined by fine, dark lines. We had the pleasure of watching her paint in person when she stopped by the plant drawing party we co-hosted with NYC plant purveyor The Sill and 20x200 artist Julia Rothman, and let’s just say her work put our amateur doodles to shame (no surprise there).

Lewis is also an author: her newest book, 100 Days of Drawing, just came out last week. The book is divided into twenty-five of her go-to subjects and techniques, each of which is approachable for artists at any skill level. It includes fun prompts to push you past creative blocks, and all sorts of other tips and tricks. The gist? It’ll get you drawing every day, something Lewis knows a lot about ... 

For the past five years, Lewis has been making a daily painting in her sketchbook, a practice of creative accountability that nourishes her process, keeps her artistically active and inspired, and has motivated a devoted following in the meantime. Her subjects range from flora and fauna, to self-portraits, to cups of tea and ice cream cones, to beach scenes and alphabets. She favors playful patterns, textures, and colors—which explains her affinity for the furry critter pictured in today’s edition. The lemur’s plush, striped tail, cool coloration, and penetrating eyes are the perfect counterpoint to the dense, floral fantasyland she painted it in. Lemur from Madagascar is equal parts representative and imagined, and we can just imagine how magical this perty primate would look hanging on your walls.

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200