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Starstruck: Peep our Arty Q+As with Roxane Gay, Stacy London, Alec Soth + more!

If you’ve yet to tuck into our 5+5 archive for an arty interview binge sesh, now’s the time. Consider this the perfect preface to the start of nesting season—we’ve got 5+5 Q+As for days, and you’ve got a summer social hangover that can easily be cured by a reading tour through bite-sized musings from some brilliant folks. Our longest-running editorial feature, 5+5s highlight tech stars, authors, artists, changemakers and more, all of whom we’re over-the-moon to have had the opportunity to talk to. We've focussed on literary faves like Samantha Irby and Kurt Andersen, stylesetters like Kim France and Emily Henderson, blog mainstays like Joanna Goddard and Jason Kottke, inspiring founders like Code For America’s Jennifer Pahlka and The Sill’s Eliza Blank, and all sorts of other modern day movers and shakers. Dig into our archive below ...

Lisa Q. Fetterman
Sonja Rasula
Lexi Mainland
Eliza Blank
Sara Mauskopf + Anne Halsall
Sarah Lacy
Samantha Irby
Brit Bennett
Jennifer Pahlka
Ellen Pao
Nora Gomez-Strauss
Larissa Leclair
Anjelika Temple
Roxane Gay
Christopher Jobson
Emily Henderson
Kurt Andersen
Chelsa Crowley + Julie Fredrickson
Jason Kottke
Alissa Walker
Joanna Goddard
Choire Sicha
Erin McKean
Dana Cowin
Lauren Cerand
Danielle Krysa
Darius Himes
Glynnis MacNicol
Rachel Sklar
Paddy Johnson
Erica Domesek
Joanne Wilson
Rena Tom
John Jannuzzi
Kim France
Alec Soth
Stacy London
Victoria Smith
Anil Dash
Claire Mazur + Erica Cerulo

Osiris Mountain by Hollis Brown Thornton
I'm 37 and currently going through a BIG NOSTALGIA MOMENT and I basically straight up gasped at this distillation of my forlorn youth. I threw a small-to-medium tantrum at the Blockbuster Music in downtown Evanston when my mom said that she wouldn't purchase Dr. Dre's "The Chronic" for me because it had a parental advisory sticker and I remember actively wishing harm upon Tipper Gore in that moment? My life was full of 90 minute Maxell tapes and so many episodes of Ricki Lake and My So Called Life recorded over each other on battered VHS tapes and this painting makes me want to crawl through a portal to 1995 and never come out. – Samantha Irby

I Am an American, Oakland, CA, March 1942 by Dorothea Lange
I look at this image on a daily basis. In addition to being a beautiful, powerful photograph, it serves as a reminder that we should learn from our past. The undercurrent of xenophobia captured in this photo from the 1940s is unfortunately still timely decades later. – 
Nora Gomez-Strauss

North Side of the Moon, a 20x200 Space Edition
This is about how we are nowhere and nothing matters and will all be dust floating through the nightmare that is space. If we're lucky enough, some of our remaining tissue will end up somewhere exciting, like Norway or the moon! – 
Choire Sicha

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