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Leo pride (and joy)!

Life’s a party when you’re with the life of the party! We’re thrilled to extend a very warm welcome to Leo season. Like the ROARING Twenties, this month, nothing is too decadent, too elegant, or too exciting for these fun-lovin’ lions. Whether they’re sitting pretty or dancing fancy, they’ll always steal the spotlight. But they won’t leave you behind – these social creatures believe celebration is always better with friends.  

We love this time of the year because we get to revel in the work of some of our Leos. Christian Chaize photographs moments that truly emulate the vitality of the season. Ann Toebbe illustrates the preciousness of sincere connections and rich family historyJessica Zollman shows us what it really means to bloom. Rounding out our pride of Leos are the gregarious Kate Bingaman-Burt and the occasionally ferocious Edel Rodriguez.

Making a statement is the language of the Leo! And now it’s your turn to express how much these frisky friends mean to you. Find a statement piece right up their alley, or win their affections with something shiny or something sweet. Or better yet, just show them some love