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New Matthew Hoffman! The sought-after sequel of “you are doing great”

you are doing great (red oak) by Matthew Hoffman
8"x9.5" ($32)

Great things come to those who wait. Back in January we announced you are doing great, Matthew Hoffman’s 8” x 9.5” limited-edition laser-cut birch beaut, and those babies sold out stat. Four months later you are doing great is living its best life again, this time in supersized and red oak iterations. These sequels are as sleek, understated and inspiring as the original, but they each bring a little something new to one of our favorite life-affirming phrases. Prefer your motivation with more generous measurements? No prob. A sucker for gorgeous wood grain? We got you. There’s just one thing to keep in mind: don’t sleep on this double edition release.

Hoffman has a way with pure, uncomplicated positivity. you are doing great is actually an outgrowth of the artist’s you are beautiful project, which started as 100 stickers passed out amongst friends and has since spread internationally. It turns out “you are beautiful” was a much-needed message that spoke to huge swaths of people from all sorts of backgrounds (including none other than Oprah Winfrey). Hop on Instagram and you’ll see his “you are beautiful” stickers making global appearances as far as Antarctica.

On the other end of the spectrum from these exceptionally dispersible stickers are Hoffman’s relatively humongous creations. The Chicago-based artist’s large-scale installations have appeared all over, and their impact IRL will send you pearl-clutching. What an impression a few handsomely-rendered well-thought words can have! Falling in between those two poles of creative exercise are Hoffman’s art objects, small enough for personal collection but with considerably a more heft and permanence than a slip of paper. These pieces—like our original, sold-out you are doing great and the two new versions we’re releasing today—are perfect for weaving into your everyday (and can we talk about what an amazing grad gift they’d make?).

Opt for the 8” x 9.5” red oak edition, a smidge deeper in color and with more pronounced striations than the original of the same size, or go for the 18.5” x 22” birch edition in the same wood as the original, blown-up for extra oomph. Either one is artful encouragement HQ, a reminder to pat yourself on the back for all your achievements big and small. You are doing great.

The universal appeal of affirmations like “you are beautiful” and “you are doing great” lies in their no-nonsense, straightforward simplicity. They are utterly accessible, explicit, and unencumbered by context—because context is unnecessary when it comes to self-love. Heck, the lead letter isn’t even capitalized in any of our three you are doing great styles. This is as casual, matter-of-fact, and minimal a mantra as you could come by. Despite how obviously vital and appreciated these reminders are, there’s also an understanding that they should be a given, and there’s an ensuing echo effect that makes that seem possible. Passing by you are doing great posted up on your dresser or hanging by the mirror, you’ll take its positive vibes out into the world where you just might make someone else’s day.

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200

you are doing great by Matthew Hoffman
18.5"x22" ($175)