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“Reclaiming My Time”: Gail Anderson’s debut edition gives back to Higher Heights

Reclaiming My Time by Gail Anderson
10"x8" ($24) | 14"x11" ($60) | 20"x16" ($240) | 30"x24" ($1200)

We're proud of every single piece we release, but today's new limited-edition print is special to say the least. Not only is Reclaiming My Time the debut edition by renowned designer, author and educator Gail Anderson, but it's also a graphic homage to the indomitable Congresswoman Maxine Waters that doubles as a benefit edition supporting Higher Heights, an incredible organization to which all profits from this print will be donated. Talk about a dream team. And for the cherry-on-top, our own Morgan Fletcher introduces the edition.

Aside from her role as 20x200's digital marketing doyenne, Morgan is also an accomplished writer, East Coast Co-Director of Art Girl Army, a Salary Negotiation Workshop Leader for Ladies Get Paid, and the creator and instructor of something called Embroidery for Meditation (yes, this is a thing, and yes, you should get into it). Read on below...

If you’ve been with us for a while now, you probably already know that we're big fans of words: last year’s Paper Jam Press letterpress print and rayo & honey pennant not only speak truth to power, but inspire us to do the same on the daily.

Our latest word-powered print edition, Reclaiming My Time, was created by Gail Anderson exclusively for 20x200 and joins those revolution-inspiring ranks. Gail shared with us that the righteous words highlighted in this edition had been playing on a loop in her head since Congresswoman Maxine Waters’ bold and repeated proclamation at the House Financial Services Committee meeting (not that you need a refresher, but feel free to revisit that glorious moment).

As a Black woman thriving despite living in the era of this particular (not my) president, it was a uniquely empowering experience to see Auntie Maxine not only demand what she deserved, but to do so relentlessly until she was acknowledged. Just in standing by what was her right in that committee meeting, she inspired a no-nonsense attitude that flooded the internet and the mindsets of many. She was meme-ified but revered—a rare mix in these interweb days. I take my hat off to my beloved Black Twitterverse.

20x200 bosslady Jen Bekman had been equally moved by Queen Maxine’s perseverance, and like Gail Anderson, couldn’t shake that melodic and revolutionary refrain. She saw the potential of re-imaging the quote as an artwork one could look at and draw strength from every day, and we all agreed the best way to honor the Congresswoman would be by having another amazing Black woman create the edition. You see where this is going: when Jen was introduced to Gail, magic was made.

But we knew we could up the ante with the release of Reclaiming My Time, because while we regularly strive for expanding inclusivity in our everyday work, this month in particular challenged us to find a new way to support organizations that raise up the Black Americans who may one day go down in history. This is why we decided that Reclaiming My Time should be a benefit edition, and we found the perfect partner in Higher Heights.

Higher Heights is a non-profit invested in long-term strategies to expand and support Black women in civic leadership positions at all levels, and works to strengthen Black women’s civic participation beyond Election Day. Jen was first introduced to Higher Heights via Ruth Ann Harnisch, a champion of the organization and its mission. The two women are both members of a network and visibility platform for women in business called The As it turned out, Higher Heights co-founder Kimberly Peeler-Allen is also a member, which made it that much easier (and more extraordinary) to pull off this initiative together. 

Gail had already been working on a 20x200 edition commemorating that magnificent Maxine Waters' quote. With Kimberly's cosign, Jen proposed the idea of donating all profits earned from Reclaiming My Time to Higher Heights to support their incredible mission—and of course Gail enthusiastically agreed.

Through this edition, Congresswoman Waters' words are being used as a vehicle to raise funds to help empower a new wave of Black women in politics, and that's something we feel super grateful to have a hand in. Beyond that, Reclaiming My Time immortalizes the moment when procedural parlance evolved into a rallying cry. It’s a wall-friendly reminder to fight for what’s yours, to never let anyone challenge your intrinsic value, and to always continue to rise above the noise. And who doesn’t need a reminder of that every now and again?

Whether you’re fighting for straight-forwardness in a congressional meeting or just putting your foot down when it comes to the negativity that impacts your day-to-day, Reclaiming My Time is your bright, visual validator—you’ve got a world of women who’ve got your back. Individually we are strong, but united under the wise words of Congresswoman Walters, we’re not taking any mess. 

With art for everyone,
Morgan Fletcher + Team 20x200