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These pastel art picks are super fresh, peaceful + playful.

Landscape with Rainbow by Robert S. Duncanson

April’s just one week away, which means the pastels have really come out to play. You’ve probably spotted them adorning Easter candies in the checkout aisle, or popping up in the park in the form of flowering bulbs. Where you might not be admiring them yet? Your walls. Let’s remedy that paucity of pastels.

Here’s the thing about pale hues. If you’re a little color-shy, they’re the perfect way to break out of the neutrals box without stepping too far outside your comfort zone. Ballet pink, mauve, mint green, peach, periwinkle, butter yellow, light blue—don’t overlook this first-rate color family. Pastels are soothing, cheery, and remind us of spring because they feel so very fresh. And if the past success of Millennial Pink meant anything, it’s that pastels are more versatile and visually pleasing than we often give them credit for. Pastels: not just for Jordan almonds!

Browse our pastel art picks below, and add a little color to your collection. All’s well that ends pastel!

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

The Cathedrals of Art by Florine Stettheimer

Praia Piquinia 13/08/12 16h21 by Christian Chaize

Girard Dolls, Books and Plants by Mary Finlayson

Welcome by Lindsey Warren

Kojima zu, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Setting Fire by Kathranne Knight

The Ten Largest, No. 2, Childhood, Group IV by Hilma af Klint

Jones Beach Dream (dunes) by Chris Mottalini

plain by Tom Kondrat

Siren by Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii

Lifeguard Stand, Rockaway Beach, Queens, New York by Ian Baguskas

Lake Michigan, Chicago by Daniel Seung Lee

The Sky Line of New York by Charles Graham

Untitled (EHR-36), from Sweet Corruptions
 by Emilie Clark

Opuntia by Jessica Zollman

Can You Imagine by Trey Speegle

Eiffel Tower, Exposition Universelle, 1900, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Plastic Picture by Gary Petersen

Ballet by Julia Rothman