New! Introducing Gordon Parks with John Edwin Mason February 25 2016

We're grateful (and also a little amazed!) to have John Edwin Mason introduce today's powerful, legendary photograph by Gordon Parks. John's been hard at work on his book, Gordon Parks and American Democracy, and was a featured speaker at a Gordon Parks symposium at the Ulrich Museum in Wichita earlier this month. Today's edition is also a fitting followup to John's ingenuous pairing—and introduction—of two Marion Post Wolcott images that we released in the fall. Then, as now, John gave us so much to work with and lots to think about.   Jen Bekman

Gordon Parks' first great photograph is also his most misunderstood. He made Washington, D.C. Government charwoman, his iconic portrait of Ella Watson, shortly after his arrival in Washington, D.C. in the winter of 1942 to join the staff of the Farm Security Administration's [FSA] photographic unit. Parks himself once called the portrait "an indictment of America," and that's the way generations of viewers have seen this image of an African American "government charwoman" posed in front of the American flag. When Parks showed it to Roy Stryker, his new boss at the FSA, Stryker suppressed the image, believing that white Americans—especially the congressmen who funded his agency—would be outraged. The portrait became famous only in the 1960s, when many people were ready to accept its bitter commentary on American racism. 


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New! Feels Like Brand Spirit: Millman on Miller's Iconic Mac December 22 2015

It's an honor and a thrill to have design legend—and future 20x200 artist!—Debbie Millman introduce our very last edition of 2015. It's fitting as well, since it was Debbie herself who introduced me to Andrew Miller's ​Brand Spirit​ series back in 2012. (The very same year I had the great good fortune to be a guest on her amazing award-winning podcast, Design Matters.) Today's release, Macintosh, is our third from Miller's series of ingenuously enrobed objects whose iconic contours cannot be whitewashed away. Read on for Debbie's take on the series.  — Jen Bekman

Macintosh by Andrew Miller


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New! April Walters' 20x200 Donut Debut November 03 2015

We're sweet on April Walters and it's easy to see why. Her bright, ebullient donut paintings are downright voluptuous. As diehard donut lovers ourselves, we can't get enough of the way her work raises that humble fried confectionery to the status of stunning piece of art. Of course, we had to reach out to devoted donut aficionado and bicoastal builder of networks, Rena Tom, to welcome April to the 20x200 artist roster and give her two new editions the intro they deserve.  

A Pile of Twisted by April Walters

Bob's Giant Donut by April Walters

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New! Helena Wurzel's Appleton Street October 29 2015

Helena Wurzel is back with her tenth edition! We tapped uber-fan and dynamite writer Laia Garcia to give this edition a proper welcome. Read on for her distinctive take on Appleton Street

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New! Hamerman's Home Runs October 26 2015

Diehard baseball devotee and whizz-bang writer Maura Johnston did us the honor of introducing today's Don Hamerman edition releases—Untitled 2012 and Holstein—and we think she hit it out of the park.

Holstein by Don Hamerman


Untitled (2012) by Don Hamerman


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New! Molly Crabapple's Downtown Demimonde October 26 2015

Today we present our second edition with Molly Crabapple, as introduced by another magical human, 5+5 contributor Lauren Cerand..

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Artist + Writer Molly Crabapple's 20x200 Debut October 22 2015

 It’s quite a thrill to debut today’s release, the first of two editions we’ve teed up by artist and writer Molly Crabapple. My head was positively swimming with words and ideas that we might use to describe her paintings and her practice, but how to choose? There are a lot of words, just as there’s a lot to her work, which is various and complex. Fortunately, Warren Ellis—a most talented wordsmith indeed!—was glad to dash off exactly the right words, and seemed to do so with incredible ease. Read on for these words of his, and marvel at their enormous warmth and insight. Jen Bekman 

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New! Kick Back With Wurzel + Lena Dunham Upside Down September 29 2015

We love Laia Garcia’s terrifically infectious fervor for Helena Wurzel’s work. Who better to introduce our newest edition, Lena Dunham Upside Down? Take it away Laia!

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New! Jason Polan ❤ Dorothea Lange's Hambuglars September 24 2015

True 20x200 story: aside from being one of our favorite collaborators since our earliest days, Jason Polan is also one of my very bestie of best friends. (I helped him move a few months back. This is seriously serious.) Mutually enjoyed activities include, but are not limited to: Berkshires road trips, being awkward at parties, drinking iced coffee, wandering around downtown, eating hamburgers and talking about art. As for those last two items: Jason has excellent taste in burgers and art, so naturally he loves this new Dorothea Lange edition as much as I do. Read on for more about why. –Jen Bekman

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New! A Powerful Pair From Marion Post Wolcott September 17 2015

It's truly an honor to have our guest contributor, John Edwin Mason, introduce this important and, yes, iconic pair of Marion Post Wolcott images today. The presentation of this pairing is the direct result of an exchange JEM and I had on Twitter as the horror of the Emanuel AME Church shooting unfolded in real time on that sad, terrifying June evening. Back then, John answered my "What can I do?" frustration with a most welcome and logical suggestion to "find & show us art that challenges, reconciles, moves us forward." As evidenced by that shooting and myriad other events that have made headlines recently, our ugly history with regard to race matters is still very much with us today. It is my hope that looking back might help us move forward, and I'm grateful to JEM for the thoughtfulness and time he's devoted to selecting this pair of striking images that are both moving and meaningful.  Jen Bekman

Jitterbugging in Negro juke joint, Saturday evening, outside Clarksdale, Mississippi + A Negro going in the Entrance for Negroes at a movie theater, Belzoni, Mississippi (pair) by Marion Post Wolcott


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