New Ep Alert! BFFs Jason Polan + Jen Bekman on the 'cast April 28 2018

Catch 20x200 artist Jason Polan talking with Jen Bekman in this episode of Live With Art

This is a tale of two besties. But it’s also about optimism unfettered by impossibility, and inclusiveness vs. elitism, and NYC’s special charisma, and uncompromising pen preferences. And that’s just the first 20 mins of this extra special ep.

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New Ep Alert! These art world heroes are revolutionizing SF's gallery scene March 31 2018

You can't miss it—and you shouldn't! Learn more about the Minnesota Street Project from founders Deborah and Andy Rappaport in Episode 3 of our podcast, Live With Art.
On this episode of Live With Art, 20x200 boss (see: “bawse”) Jen Bekman has a full blown fangirl moment chatting with the game-changing founders of San Francisco’s Minnesota Street Project: Deborah and Andy Rappaport. Established collectors and custodians of the arts, Andy and Deborah took matters into their own hands to protect and foster San Francisco’s contemporary art community. In the process, they’ve built a framework for the future — a sustainable arts destination that should be on every art lover's mind...

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Live With Art, episode 2! Our podcast returns with guest Jen Hewett February 24 2018

The color-popping pretty studio digs of our second ever podcast guest: Jen Hewett!
A few months ago we debuted a new fun thing: our Live With Art podcast! And then the holidays rolled around and we promptly put the ‘cast on hiatus to focus on getting the coolest art queued up for all our collectors. Solid decision making if ya ask us.

But it’s back! Live With Art has returned and we’ve got a dreamscape of special guests lined up: intrepid artists, cutting edge creatives, art-world entrepreneurs, and all sorts of supa dupa inspiring movers and shakers who moonlight as accomplished art collectors. The common denominator? We’re having interesting conversations about living with art and leading interesting lives.

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