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The art lover’s guide to sticking to those resolutions

We read somewhere that the more resolutions you have, the better your chances of keeping one or two of them. It's the same sorta logic that applies to an x-long to-do list—you're bound to bang out a few things just to make a dent. So we're being ambitious! Our New Year's resolutions run the gamut from reading more, to staying organized, to petting all the pupperinos. (What ... greeting strangers' dogs isn't one of your goals?)

No matter what you're determined to do in 2020, we've got art inspo to keep you incentivized. Start journaling in this handmade book. Take a cue from Beyoncé and stand up for yourself. Get some visual motivation below, and more over here. Then forgive yourself if those resolutions don't stick—at least your walls will look great. 

Resolution: Eat better.
Fairy Ring by Amy Ross

Resolution: Eat butter.
Mound of Butter by Antoine Vollon

Resolution: Be kind.
Mister Rogers Portrait II by Joan LeMay

Resolution: Sleep more.
Sleep by B. Kaspr

Resolution: Celebrate small wins.
You Tried Gold Star by Adam J. Kurtz

Resolution: Stay organized.
Tiny Bowls for Tiny Things by Kate Bingaman-Burt

Resolution: Stargaze.
AS11-44-6667 (Full Moon View from Apollo 11), a 20x200 Space Edition

Resolution: Get good advice.
Advice from Beyoncé by Michelle Rial

Resolution: Travel more.
NYC Metro Air Traffic 3/18/18 by Pete Mauney

Resolution: Pet more dogs.
Varie specie di cani by Giuseppe Angelelli

Resolution: Stop to smell the flowers.
Siren by Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii

Resolution: Start journaling.
(re)journal by e bond