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Dorm decor! Curator-approved art for college kids

The Dark Room by Marvin Rand

Know some college kids headed back to campus for the first time in a while? Or perchance you’re an arty undergrad yourself? We hand-picked these prints to help students make their grand return to dorm digs in style. We love a good band poster or tapestry as much as anyone, but working some next-level art into the mix makes any living situation a million times nicer. And bonus: art on the walls means inspiration baked-in, or even a scenic study break

Dive into all our art and you’ll find selects for unabashed history buffs, fledgling feminists, computer science majors, and the human who’ll be missing their dog. We’ve got just the right piece for big picture thinkers and those in need of a little motivation. Nab a subtle hint for noisy roommates, a little on-brand imagery for someone on the swim team, or something for the student activist. Start with our curated collections or browse by color palette, mood, size—whatever you’re working with. Back to school is kind of a big deal this year. Let’s do it justice.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200

Macintosh by Andrew Miller

Forward pass by Joseph Vogel

Ideal Bookshelf 974: Feminists by Jane Mount

Studio View by Mary Finlayson

For a richer, fuller life wake up and read, a 20x200 Vintage Edition

Reclaiming My Time by Gail Anderson

The Cacti by Amy Ross

Advice from Beyoncé by Michelle Rial