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Bring on the art + books with bestseller Jo Piazza

Fall may still be a week away, but you’ll excuse us if we’re already looking forward to indoor read-a-thons replacing social butterflying as an appropriate weekend activity. It’s a good thing Jo Piazza’s irresistible literary oeuvre exists to add some heft to our hygge. Now, for the weather to take a hint and enable our inner homebody …

Piazza is an award-winning journalist, podcast host, and the author of eight critically-acclaimed bestselling books. Just this summer, Simon & Schuster published her novel
Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win, a savvy, timely, wit-soaked read that centers around a fictional Silicon Valley exec who packs up her family and heads back to small town PA to run for senate against an infamous incumbent. Salon called it “the essential political novel for the 2018 midterms,” and we call it “so authentic and absorbing it made more than one of us miss our subway stop”. You can imagine our delight when this wordsmith signed on to do some art and book matchmaking for our Literary Gallery series.

Below, Piazza touches on the synchronicity of two art forms uniquely equipped to satisfy her escapist inclinations. Her print + lit pairings are clever, on-the-nose, and double as an excellent reading list. (Ten points for padding our index of excuses to stay in.) Give her Literary Gallery a good look and join us in having no shame in our night-in game. — Jen Bekman + Team 20x200

"Books are the ultimate escape for me. Art is the only other thing that provides me with that same kind of meditative quality that lets me escape from reality for a little while." – Jo Piazza, author and podcast host

Gas station. Kern County, California & Bastard Out of Carolina

An Astronaut's Guide to Life on Earth & Views of the extravehicular activity during STS 41-B

Plate 22, Sheet 6, Ancient Courses Mississippi River Meander Belt & The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

The Female Persuasion & My Butt

Letters: C & Travels with Charley in Search of America

Dietland & A Pile of Twisted

Feral Church #2 & The Book of Essie

I Feel Bad About My Neck & Dress Like A Woman

Response to Print of Vulture Roost, Texas & My Absolute Darling

Nomadland & American Mobile Home

The 411 on Jo Piazza
Jo Piazza is the bestselling author of eight books, most recently the novel Charlotte Walsh Likes to Win. She's also the host of the top ten podcast Committed.