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Lit Gallery with Mr. Misinformation, Rex Sorgatz himself

Try summing up Rex Sorgatz in one clean, quippy sentence or so. You can’t. A tech-world wunderkind, digital strategist, designer, internet interpreter, instigator, author, and self-described “microfame faux-expert”, Sorgatz gets around. His first book — The Encyclopedia of Misinformation — was published just last month. It’s every bit the painstakingly researched, cleverly penned, addictively absorbing, whirling info wellspring we’d hoped for. For his Literary Gallery, Sorgatz paired ten of the bajillion tomes he read in the writing of his one-of-a-kind book with ten 20x200 artworks. Read on...

"No one should ever write an encyclopedia. It is a hopeless, irresponsible endeavor. Okay maaaaaybe if you’re a fifteenth-century monk biding time in the cloister for a few generations—only then, do you have an excuse to embark upon this ludicrous odyssey.

My specific compendium—The Encyclopedia of Misinformation—takes a special variety of hubris. One could say the scope comprises all of reality (or unreality), and to write just one of the 300 entries in this reference tome, I would sometimes read several scientific white papers plus a book or two or three. All to write a few hundred words about Cognitive Dissonance or Flat-Earth Theory! Given the wildly discursive subject matter, my readings ranged from difficult philosophy to forgotten pop dreck. (This page contains some of my readings along the way.)

Below is a smattering of the esoterica—10 of those books used to write my book. Pairing them with 20x200 art was a joy, because it became obvious how vast and incomprehensible the subject really is. This really released my inner monk." — Rex Sorgatz, author of The Encyclopedia of Misinformation

Can You Imagine & If I did it: Confessions of the Killer

The Life of P.T. Barnum & I Am an American, Oakland, CA, March 1942

Gemini IV: Spacewalk I (S65-34635) & The Earth is Flat: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid (Illuminati Secrets Book 4)

A Modest Proposal & Cutting the pies and cakes

Animals I & Cryptozoology A To Z: The Encyclopedia of Loch Monsters, Sasquatch, Chupacabras, and Other Authentic Mysteries of Nature

Naked Came The Stranger & Drawings for 3 Rooms in Your Home: #1

Why You Should Buy Art & Nat Tate: American Artist, 1928-1960

History: Fiction or Science? & Dinosaurs at The American Museum of Natural History

Typical Cows & Utopia

The Heart Is Deceitful Above All Things: Stories & Untitled (My bad)

The 411 on Rex Sorgatz
Rex Sorgatz is a writer, designer, and technologist based in New York City. His first book, The Encyclopedia of Misinformation, was published in March 2018.