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New! Jane Mount’s Home Cooking Tea Towels 👨‍🍳

What’s cookin’, collectors? We’ve got something special for all you readers and eaters: Jane Mount’s Home Cooking Tea Towel. These 22”x18” flour sack tea towels feature one of Mount’s signature Ideal Bookshelf arrays, this time a selection of colorful classic cookbooks including Salt Fat Acid HeatMi CocinaMastering the Art of French Cooking, and more! 

Mount seeks to capture the spirit of each book in her illustrative spines, and this culinary collection is a real recipe for edible inspiration. Her enthusiasm and authenticity is part of what so enamored our founder when they met way back when (Mount’s been a 20x200 artist since the early days). Her Ideal Bookshelf illustrations aren’t just brilliant, colorful ways to commemorate some seriously terrific tome collections—each of the artworks in the series doubles as a carefully curated reading (or cooking!) list.

Not only do these Home Cooking Tea Towels make for convenient cleanup for the capable (or clumsy!) cook, but they also serve as the perfect food-inspired oven handle decor for an arty kitchen. And while we may not want to dirty these awesome tea towels—or Mount's similarly scrumptious apron— in our culinary and creative endeavors, it’s a whisk we’re willing to take.

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