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New rayo & honey! Key fobs and pins with positive intent

nobody's free until everybody's free (key fob) by rayo & honey
3.25"x.75" ($20)

Roachele Negron of rayo & honey has a way with words. The artist’s special sort of alchemy involves transforming phrases that inspire her into hangable and wearable artworks. Cultural consciousness is at the core of her practice, alongside a clear, uncluttered aesthetic, stripped down to the essentials. To say Negron goes about her work with purpose is an understatement—her work is purpose. The resulting art is far greater than the sum of its parts, but somehow also utterly down-to-earth.

Today, we're so excited to announce an assortment of rayo & honey etched acrylic pins and key fobs, including one extra special limited-edition key fob you can only snag on 20x200. This exclusive style bears the same ever-imperative sentiment—excerpted from a speech by Civil Rights activist Fannie Lou Hamer—as our first rayo & honey edition.

Snap up the limited-edition nobody’s free until everybody’s free (key fob) (of which there are only 50 in existence) then take a turn through the other rayo & honey pins and key fobs in our collection. Each piece is hand-painted by Negron in her Brooklyn studio, bearing one of the artist’s favorite affirmations, and all are available for $20 and under. Eminently amassable (and gloriously giftable), if you ask us.

Those of you who’ve collected Negron’s limited-edition pennant know firsthand the positive effects of having this mindful, minimal textile art in your home. Passing by it hanging in the hall or on your living room wall, the piece evolves into (as the artist puts it) “an anchor”, artfully yet assertively grounding. Negron’s edition makes it possible to tap into the power of Hamer’s words as you go about your everyday, to call upon them recurrently like a mantra.

The broad, creamy organic cotton canvas of the pennant is the perfect background to really pop that crisp, black felt lettering Negron has laid out just-so. Similarly, these new pocket-sized art pieces are rendered in bold black and bright metallic, the text simple, striking and sans serif. There’s no room for extraneous flourish in Negron’s art—instead, these pins and key fobs entreat you to see the weight of meaning in what might look like empty space. Those inky black backgrounds are rich in reflection, a sounding board for your mind making the most of poignant words.

Negron believes in the potential for “incredible power in the things we choose to surround ourselves with”. And so do we (note us over here perpetually hollering Live with art! It’s good for you!). But these new rayo & honey pieces take that sort of totemic energy a step further—or really, all the steps you need to get where you’re going. These key fobs and pins are meant to be carried with you throughout your day. You can wear your art on your sleeve, on your tote bag, or jangling freely from your car keys. Their pint size is the secret to their potency, and a reminder that small things can make a monumental difference.

With art for everyone,
Jen Bekman + Team 20x200