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Two New Ceramic Stunners: Jaime Keiter’s Stoneware Sculptures!

Number 71 (left) and Number 70 by Jaime Keiter
7.75" x 5.5" ($350) | 6.25" x 5.75" ($350)

We’re on an Artist-Made kick at the moment, and one look at Jaime Keiter’s work made it impossible not the continue the trend. Today, we’ve got double the artist-made porcelain pleasure: two new ceramic sculpture editions, available exclusively on 20x200 in super-limited quantities. Number 70 and Number 71 were both handmade in Keiter’s Atlanta, GA studio, and there are just ten of each in existence. How ‘bout that for limited-edition? You’re gonna wanna snag yours stat.

Each stoneware sculpture is made of individually crafted, painted, and glazed tiles, collaged together by the artist after mid range firing. Their handmade nature means they vary from piece-to-piece. So really, they’re all one-of-a-kind! And ICYMI, Number 70 and Number 71 make only our second and third ceramic editions ever. Holy artist-made mackerel...

Keiter’s ceramics have been featured in some requisite art and design resources, including Architectural Digest, Design Milk, and Sight Unseen. And it’s no surprise why. Her work stands out, to say the least. When we first spotted Keiter’s cool stoneware sculptures, we spent the better part of an hour perusing her site and picking our personal favorites, hotly contested we might add. That’s one of the things we like most about the pieces in her Number series—they invite exchange.

The two extra-limited edition sculpture styles we’re offering are an excellent example of the range of work Keiter is capable of. Maybe you gravitate toward the circular forms in Number 71, with a soothing seafoam slice, a peachy-toned backdrop, a semicircle of numerous little navy dots, and an epicentral apricot pop. It would look amazing in a white-on-white situation, or presiding over your houseplants. It’d also be right at home in an already colorful art assortment (a case of more is more). The person who owns Number 71 might have a predilection for the cheerful interplay of shapes of shades.

Number 71 by Jaime Keiter
Or perhaps Number 70’s neutral, geometric vibes are more your speed. This piece would mesh perfectly with a collection of black and white prints, or graphic interior design details. The glossy splattered black spots on the triangle and the off-kilter asymmetry of the tile placement have just the right amount of spontaneity to unhinge the milky blue cube and matte background shape. It’s subtle enough for a more pared-down, minimal aesthetic, but edgy enough for collectors of boundary-pushing pieces.

Number 70 by Jaime Keiter

For all their difference, both editions are unequivocally Keiter. The artist is inspired by the Bauhaus art of the 1920’s and Postmodern Memphis design. You can catch inflections of both movements in her splashy color sense, crisp geometrics, and shoulder-pad-era shapes. Number 70 and Number 71 are both first-rate conversation starters, calling attention with their cool color palettes and playful textures. And they’re each brilliantly balanced, something that’s exceptionally hard to achieve—and an excellent argument for buying both as a set.

Another thing they have in common? Both sculptures look majorly good mixed into a salon-style art cluster. Breaking free from the boxy confines of a frame is a surefire way to take your collection to the next level. Your wall art array will thank you.

We're big fans of living with art everywhere so it also bears mentioning that these ceramic editions are particularly sturdy, making them suitable for hanging in the kitchen, bathroom or anywhere else in your home that gets hot and steamy (wink). But no matter where your new Keiter sculptures hang out, we’re firm believers they’ll blow your mind.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200