New Art: NASA's Groot-Suitable Space Colonies August 19 2014

This month's Guardians of the Galaxy blew us away with the force of an Infinity Stone—so much so that we were inspired to release our latest Space EditionsTorus Cutaway AC75-1086-1 5725 and Torus Interior AC75-2621 5718, two trippy, 70's-era NASA renderings of space colonization in which a genetically-engineered raccoon or tree-like humanoid might have looked right at home. (I am Groot!)

Torus Interior

Torus Interior AC75-2621 5718 a 20x200 Space Edition
8"x10" ($24) | 11"x14" ($60) | 16"x20" ($240) |  24"x30" ($600) 

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