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Water, Water, Everywhere: Seascapes to Soothe You on World Water Day

Summer in Antibes by Alice Gao
To show some love for World Water Day we’ve curated a collection of stunning limited-edition artworks spotlighting good ol’ H2O—in its many serene, sublime, invigorating, timeless, totally inspiring iterations.

We’ve got a deluge of incredible prints that feature or reference water, starring icebergs, oceans, rivers, lakes...even swimming pools, surfboards and marine birds. Whether ukiyo-e Japanese woodblock waves get your motor(boat) running, or you’re more of the minimal modern photography type, we have a water edition for that.

How about taking your aqueous art appreciation to the next level? Contribute to water conservation. Head over here for the scoop on World Water Day, ways to cut back on wastewater, and how to help make universal access to clean drinking water a reality.

With art for everyone,
Team 20x200
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